The skilled professionals at HepTech are available to assist you with a comprehensive range of services that includes computer repair, virus removal, data recovery, computer hardware, software, networking, and more. Click on each icon below to learn more about the many ways HepTech can assist you in getting the most out of your technology. If you have any questions about the services offered by HepTech, please feel free to contact us.

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Computer Repair & Maintenance

Every computer has a lifespan and most are longer than you think. We can add years to your current device you didn’t know were possible. We analyze each device on a case by case basis to provide the right solution for your needs. We offer a monthly service plan (hyperlink on Monthly service plan) to ensure your computer is always operating at peak performance. So if your computer is acting up, don’t worry- we got this.

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Virus Removal

If your computer is loading websites you didn’t search for, if pop ups and ads are interrupting your Internet usage, or if there toolbars and programs you don’t recall installing – chances are your computer is infected with a virus. There are many types of malware and viruses that can impede your computer and our staff of highly trained professional are on the cutting edge of virus and malware removal. With our specialized training- we fight back. We aggressively target the problem and advise you on the best security measures.

We pride ourselves in communicating with our customers through the whole process, we are always happy to explain what happened and help you make educated decisions on what the next best step in security will be for your needs.

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Tune Up & Optimization

Every device begins to slow down over time, leaving you frustrated and maybe even considering purchasing a new device. Before you do bring your computer in for a tune up. Our 22 point inspection is designed to restore your device to peak performance.

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Hardware/Software Installation

Perhaps you didn’t know but upgrading your computer can be more beneficial than purchasing a new one! Avoid the hassle of setting up a new device to just how you like it and keep more money in your bank. Upgrading your computer components paired with our signature Tune-Up will give you that new computer feel without the new computer prices. Our team of professionals is ready to help you!

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Data Recovery

We can’t stress this enough…Backup, Backup, Backup! There are many types of ways to lose data, but you may still have a good chance of getting it back. If you think you have deleted something important, it is important that you STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY; any further use can endanger your data beyond anybody’s ability to recover.

Data loss can be an incredibly stressful ordeal: from losing work or school documents, to accidentally deleting family photos or other “irreplaceables” – we empathize with what you’re going through. That’s why HepTech has the best technology available to recover your important files and precious memories.

If your drive has physically failed, not all hope is lost. We have relationships with clean-room data recovery operations that can actually open your drive and read the data with special equipment. With that said, please note that due to the nature of data loss and file corruption, not all files may be recoverable.

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Laptop Repair

Besides our entire list of computer services offered, we also offer specialized laptop repairs. No matter what is wrong with your laptop – from replacing a broken screen or keyboard, to repairing overheating issues – you can count on HepTech to make repairs in a timely manner in order to get you up and running again.

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Laptop Screen Replacement

Just a few short years ago the high cost of LCD screen replacements for laptops made replacing them a less likely option. Now these screens are very cheap. Especially the newer LED, LCD screens. We do all work in shop. We do not ship out your laptop to another facility. This saves a ton of time. Most screens we order come within 1 or 2 days and we strive to get them installed and tested on the same day of arrival.

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New Computer Setup

Not only will HepTech go to your location and setup your new computer system on-site, we will also customize your machine to make sure its performing at its full potential. This is accomplished by removing all unnecessary advertising software and program trials that come pre-installed on your computer, limiting its performance.

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Network Setup

It doesn’t matter if you have new internet or existing service… if you want multiple computers to share your internet connection, we can help. In fact, if you have laptops or other wireless devices, including gaming systems and smart phones that you want to connect to the internet, we’re the one to call. When it comes to wireless web browsing, media streaming, or file sharing between computers, HepTech is the one you can trust to set it up quickly, and correctly.

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Operating System Upgrades

We recommend that everyone currently using Windows Vista upgrade to Windows 7 for the latest in security, stability, and virus protection. We’ll make your transition to the new operating system seamless and simple,improving your computer’s performance and reliability in the long run. If desired, we can even copy over your existing files and re-install all of your favorite software.

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Onsite Service

Many of our clients tell us that they don’t want to unhook their computer because they are not sure if they could hook it back up properly! Whatever your reason, we can definitely schedule a visit to your home or office and get you back in business.  We strive to schedule you as fast as possible.

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Website Creation

HepTech has partnered with local web designers and developers in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible deal for your new website. We have packages available for all budgets and will be happy to discuss any questions about your upcoming project. Just give Heptech a call and we’ll get you in touch with the right designer/developer to meet your needs.