Data Recovery

We can’t stress this enough…Backup, Backup, Backup! There are many types of ways to lose data, but you may still have a good chance of getting it back. If you think you have deleted something important, it is important that you STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY; any further use can endanger your data beyond anybody’s ability to recover.

Data loss can be an incredibly stressful ordeal: from losing work or school documents, to accidentally deleting family photos or other “irreplaceables” – we empathize with what you’re going through. That’s why HepTech has the best technology available to recover your important files and precious memories.

If your drive has physically failed, not all hope is lost. We have relationships with clean-room data recovery operations that can actually open your drive and read the data with special equipment. With that said, please note that due to the nature of data loss and file corruption, not all files may be recoverable.