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KSL users rated HepTech #1 for Computer Repair in Utah the past 6 years in a row!

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Your Computer

We know your life is on your computer; and when it stops working, so do you. HepTech makes all your computer repair needs effortless. We provide fast, knowledgeable, and friendly service. Rated #1 by Utahns for computer repairs on KSL, HepTech is Utah’s first choice.

Your Time

We know that a single day without your computer is more than inconvenient, it’s a burden. We work fast and efficiently around your schedule. We offer same day & next-day solutions, as well as on site service. We get your computer working as efficiently as you do.

Your Money

We offer a high quality, customized service, without the high price tag. Our transparent quotes with no hidden fees leave no surprises when its time to pay the bill. Our competitive prices leaves your money where it belongs, in your wallet.