Great work

I had an external hard drive that my computer stopped recognizing that had all our baby photos on it. Took it to Ryan and he was able to access the files and transfer them to a thumb drive all for a small fee that was very reasonable. He was also very responsive to all my emails and phone calls. Thanks so much!

Jim R

Great Guy knows his stuff

I run a small business, and I have been using Heptech for the past few years. He is always on time and very prompt. He know his stuff and can fix anything with a computer. I do not have .I.T guy I just call Heptech to help from viruses to any computer glitches that need to be fixed. If you were a friend of mine I would tell you to call him. He is honest and will treat you right and can offer good advice.

Ryan B

Dynamite service!

Heptech came to the rescue when I needed a clean install of Windows 7 on my laptop as well as some Programs installed. I was weary of the “Big Computer Repair Shops” when it came to assisting me in setting up my Programs and Virus protection, so I decided to try a small shop with a “Personal Touch”, and WOW!! ….was I pleasantly surprised. The price was lower than I imagined and that just made my day. Thanks Heptech, well done!

James Fronk
Applied Land Solutions

Computer Repair

I was very satisfied with Heptech’s work. Dropped the tower off, was interviewed about the symptoms I was concerned with, and was given a realistic completion time. I got a call from Ryan that the computer was ready in much less time than I expected. Price was reasonable and the computer is working great. This kind of service is hard to beat. Thanks Ryan!

Howard A

Job well done

My son did the new computer purchase over the internet… Bottom line it didn’t work. came over. He was fast and efficient. I couldn’t believe how easily he had it figured out and reconfigured humming like a well oiled clock. I was more than happy to write out the check to get him paid and was shocked at the reasonable cost. I am one happy camper!!!

Bob W

Fast, Friendly, and Affordable!

My computer is life and one day it just froze up and I couldn’t even get into it. Every place I called wanted me to bring it in for a diagnostic and charge me $150 just to begin with.. I decided to check KSL and found Heptech. He was such a pleasure to work with and gave me such an awesome price, I decided to have him fix a screen problem I was also having with the computer. Now I call him with all kinds of questions, even when I have problems with my smartphne and he is happy to oblige! I don’t usually write reviews, but great service should be noted and I highly recommend him to anyone with computer problems

Marina A

Ryan and Heptech

I was ready to toss my computer out the window. Everytime I tried to log on, I had to wait for 5 minutes for the pop-ups to stop. Then the real problems began. To keep it short, Ryan kept my computer for 24 hours. When he gave it back, it ran better than the day I bought it. I’ve had it back for awhile now and no pop-ups or problems at all and the speed is much faster. This guy really knows what he’s doing. He also charged me exactly what we agreed on prior to him working on it. He found more wrong than he thought he would and he didn’t charge me anymore to fix the unexpected problems. Honest guy! I will always call him if I ever have a computer problem. Thanks Ryan, You Rock!

Bob K

Quality Service and Response

I read the reviews on Ryan’s service from others and noticed someone I knew. I decided to try the service. I found Ryan courteous and knowledgeable. I found his answering calls or calling back above normal. His service was quick and thorough. He fixed operating system errors and network card errors on one system and reloaded the operating system on another along with testing a defective drive and replacing it with another unusable drive I had. No pressure to upsell or buy as with PC Laptops. More knowledgeable than Office Depot, less expensive than many places and everything was documented and paperwork done unlike others. I will use Ryan again.

James C

These guys are exceptional!

I have had HepTech work on my computer and other family members computers for years. They are focused on customer service and very knowledgeable. They have fixed the problems without fail for a fraction of the price. I am very impressed at their quality of work and would highly recommend them for any computer job.

Krista Madsen

Unbelievable service

Ryan was SO helpful and knowledgeable! My laptop had a virus, which he removed for me so fast it was unbelievable! He saved all my documents and reloaded the Operating System. I’m thrilled that now I have “a computer guy!” (And he’s local, too!) I checked with Geek Squad before looking around and they want a huge amount just to look at your computer, and you can bet you’d just be a number to them. Not so with HepTech!

Kelli Page

Thanks HepTech!

I wanted to thank Ryan at “Heptech” for the fast response time and getting my laptop back up and running GREAT! I need and use my laptop everyday for my Real Estate clients and can NOT be without it. Thanks HEPTECH!

Robert Seitz
Home and Family Real Estate

Quick Turn-around

My computer was running very slowed. I brought it to Ryan on Thursday morning and I was going out of town on business Friday evening. He found out that my hard drive was bad, got a new one delivered overnight, and I had my computer back and working great by 4pm on Friday.

Greg P

Heptech Service

I scheduled a service call for Ryan from Heptech to come to our office and fix multiple issues on multiple machines. He showed up early, fixed every issue quickly, and even addressed issues that we didn’t know we were having. Heptech is the only company we will use for our computer service needs. If you are weighing whom to use, you can stop. This guy is the BEST. THANKS RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie S

Great Service!

I have finally found what I’ve been looking for: a reliable, knowledgeable, responsive and fairly-priced computer support person I can turn to when our home computers are giving us trouble. Ryan quickly repaired the problems some other computer “fixers” created. He’s been super available and responsive ever since. Fantastic

DeAnn T

My experience with HepTech was awesome!

The service was super fast and I appreciated the great customer service. I would recommend HepTech to anyone that needs any type of computer support!! Thanks so much!

Ellie Fair
West Jordan

Knowledgeable staff with fair pricing!!!!

I don’t normally leave reviews, but i just had to say a few words. I have had Ryan at HEPTECH help me for years. I always call them first when I have a Problem. They solve the problem quickly and their rates are fair. It’s great to have a team to count on in a crisis. They have helped me with both home and business computers. Valuable number to have on speed dial!!

Jared B

Awesome Customer Service

I just recently bought a Macbook for my son and he still has a lot of PC only games that he still wanted to play on the Mac. I was not confident enough to install a copy of Windows on the Mac. The service was done quickly and for the quoted price. I will continue to use this company anytime that I have a computer related issue that I cannot resolve. Very knowledgeable and customer service was excellent!

Becanaan M

Best Service Ever!

I don’t normally leave reviews,but i just had to say a few words. I have had Ryan at HEPTECH help me for years. I always call them first when I have a Problem. They solve the problem quickly and their rates are fair. It’s great to have a team to count on in a crisis. They have helped me with both home and business computers. Valuable number to have on speed dial!!!

Sara Ashcraft

Excellent Service!

Ryan is a life saver! My USB drive failed after I had spent several weeks working on a project without backing up my work. In less then 2 days he was able to get all my data back for me, and it cost less then I expected. He was great to work with, calling to give me updates on his progress.

Jeremy A

Couldn’t be happier!

My son’s laptop was really slow and had a bad virus. We took it in and Heptech was able to fix it like new again. I was impressed with the fair price and how quickly the computer was fixed. I will definitely be referring friends and family to Heptech for all of their computer needs.

Kea Knowlden

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